Fox Valley United Way Financial Information

Fox Valley United Way values the trust of the communities we serve.  To ensure your continuing trust , Fox Valley United Way consistently serves each community with integrity, accountability, and respect.  It is our mission to measurably improve lives in the communities we serve.

Each fiscal year, Fox Valley United Way calls on the services of Weber & Associates, a certified public accounting firm, to perform a professional and certified audit of our financial records.  Weber & Associates also prepares Fox Valley United Way’s IRS Form 990, the annual tax return for non-profit organizations.




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2013 IRS 990 Report
2013 Audited Financial Report

2012 IRS 990 Report
2012 Audited Financial Report

2011 IRS 990 Report
2011 Audited Financial Report

2010 IRS 990 Report
2010 Audited Financial Report


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United Way World Wide's Annual Report


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