Frequently Asked Questions


What is Fox Valley United Way?

Fox Valley United Way is a volunteer-supported organization that provides an efficient, effective, and accountable way for contributors to give one gift that will support a variety of agencies' programs to help meet the most critical needs of our communities.

Our mission is to measurably improve the lives in our communities.
What is Fox Valley United Way’s service area?
We serve 15 communities, as assigned by United Way of America. We serve the following communities: Aurora, Big Rock, Bristol, Hinckley, Little Rock, Millbrook, Montgomery, Mooseheart, North Aurora, Oswego, Plano, Plattville, Sandwich, Sugar Grove, and Yorkville.
How can I volunteer?
We keep an updated list of volunteer opportunities – both for the United Way and for our partner agencies – on the website. Click on the following link to sign up: CLICK HERE.
How can I become a Leadership Giver?
Any individual who donates $300 or more becomes a member of Fox Valley United Way’s Light Society. We have a special reception each year to recognize Light Society members. Donors may also elect to remain anonymous.
How does our United Way fit into the big picture? Is Fox Valley United Way connected to other United Ways?
Every local United Way is independent from one another and operates under the direction of a local Board of Directors. Unless the donor requests otherwise, money raised during the annual campaign stays in their community. Each local United Way board is responsible for giving donated dollars to the local agencies who can best meet the needs of each individual community.

The Fox Valley United Way belongs to the United Way of America and the United Way of Illinois, which gives us access to financial, marketing, and other technical assistance, as well as networking among other local United Ways. In our most recently completed fiscal year, our state and national dues were less than a penny for every dollar raised.
Why should I donate to the Fox Valley United Way?
We are the only agency whose sole focus is to address a broad range of health and human services in the Fox Valley. We assess the needs in our service area regularly and fund programs that have proven results.

There are many advantages to having a single, community-wide fundraising effort. When you give to United Way, you give to many different agencies, which help thousands of people in the Fox Valley area. More than 200,000 times last year, people benefited from our partner agencies’ programs.
Are contributions to the United Way tax-deductible?
Yes, we are a not-for-profit corporation under the appropriate state of Illinois and federal laws. As such, contributions to our agency are tax-deductible. Please consult your financial advisor or tax professional for further information.
When does Fox Valley United Way’s community campaign begin and end?
The majority of the community campaign is conducted in the fall, but the community campaign runs from April 1 to March 31 of each year. Fox Valley United Way is always willing to work with companies to fit their schedules and will conduct an employee campaign whenever it is most convenient for them.
Does Fox Valley United Way support the Boy Scouts of America?

As of the 2006-07 fiscal year, we fund two programs with the local Three Fires Council of the Boy Scouts of America. We fund general support for at-risk and special needs children as well as a Juvenile Court Alternative program run by the local Boy Scouts. Fox Valley United Way requires member agencies to comply with all local, state and federal laws. The recent Supreme Court ruling involving the Boy Scouts resulted in no change between Fox Valley United Way and the Three Fires Council of the Boy Scouts.